Unmercenary Sacred Music

Choir Practice Resources

Let all the earth worship You, and sing to You; let them sing to Your name.1

The role of liturgical musicians goes beyond simply singing notes.  Like all things in the Church, it requires dedication, prayer, humility, education, and sacrifice.  However, the world in which most of us reside does not promote such values.  The biggest sacrifice is time.

But in the midst of all the difficulties, it behooves us to keep trying to find ways to better out worship for the Glory of God and the salvation of our neighbor.  This resource is built to address the current lack of training and the difficulty for some to attend all practices.  What you will see below are essentially the recorded proceedings of the weekly choir practices for Christ the Savior Orthodox Church in Chicago, Illinois.  This includes planning information, new music and educational information.

Practice Sessions

1. Psalm 65:4 (LXX).

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